Philana Swann, CEO/Founder of Be-Ruth Foundation, Inc.



'You'll never amount to anything.' 

“Decades later, I can still recall a teacher proclaiming these words to me. They must have had an impact because the voice that rang those words in my ear has yet to be forgotten. 

 “When I was in my early 20's, another voice echoed similar words. Words that hurt from someone I met. And trusted. 

 “'You're a slow learner.' Really? From a Supervisor? As an adult? Yes, this too became words in the book of my story. 

 “In the midst of these bruises & scars, I earned my bachelor's degree in Biology. And later, I earned an MBA with a concentration in Health Services. 

 “It became important, almost crucial, for me to organize a non-profit geared towards teens in 2010. To help them navigate and arrive at their successful destinations. To show them to transform dark spaces into workrooms of progress. 

 “Then, 2020. A Global Pandemic. Society is shaken to its core around the globe. I looked around and discovered the purpose of my plight. I hold a strategic position in Public Health. I impact communities around the world. I am steadfast. Words don't scare me. I stand strong against invaders that threaten our existence. 

 “Now I can say Thank You. Thank you for the words that tried to hinder my flight. Thank you for your strength & courage from the battles. Thank you. Thank God for an inner yearning for the Sciences that put me on a path to here. Changing the world for the better. Strong. I did amount to something. I became a Butterfly, Anyway! 


“I stand for STEAM because STEAM stood for me. 


“I am here. Gliding on the wind with scarred wings that turned Sacred. My promise is to empower Teens in avenues of STEM. 

 “To mentor. To demonstrate. To encourage. 

 “To let them know that high flight is theirs despite perceived fears or failures. To show them to use every bit of everything they have & make it benefit their futures. To develop their wings. To Serve. 

“To Soar. To Fly!

Our Story 

The Evolution of Ruth B. Settle

My grandmother, Ruth B. Settle, was a woman of strength, grace, and poise. To her, education was a priority; she worked to support her children and grandchildren in their scholastic endeavors. She was a human rights advocate and marched during the Civil Rights movement.

Her sacrifices remind me of a caterpillar. The strength of the caterpillar determined to soar as a butterfly. The struggles women and girls encounter are just like what butterflies face as they free themselves from the cocoon of darkness & uncertainty.

Women & girls are disproportionately underrepresented in STEAM fields, and young girls that are coming behind us are strengthening their wings so they can take flight and lead the world to greater heights.

My grandmother Ruth's sacrifices remind me of how a caterpillar persists despite her struggles and still nourishes herself & her family because she knows change is coming.

Because of her generosity, I grew in love, in faith, in spirit, and in truth. Now I am well prepared to launch young girls into the next phase of their life by providing empowering educational opportunities. I want to show young girls how to shed the old mindset (depression, fear, doubt, etc.) that keeps them from flying high. I am creating a safe space for them to flap their majestic butterfly wings and SOAR.

Just like butterflies, we have struggles.

Be-Ruth uplifts girls through our extracurricular programs: Empowering through Exposure, Engaging through Mentorship, and Educating in STEAM. Girls are transformed.

Our grand vision a generation of talented youth girls who prevail; who are unwavering in using their gifts to succeed in STEAM professions, who champion diversity and who insist on environmental stewardship, who free themselves & free their communities.

My grandmother’s sacrifices remind me of the caterpillar that evolved, a multi-faceted jewel of the richest & most vibrant hues that glides above everything that tried to keep her down.

I continue Ruth B. Settle’s legacy. I use hindrances and help-mates. Struggles as stepping stones. Let's join together to help girls rise.

Let's Be Ruth!

Ruth B. Settle, inspiration for the Be-Ruth Foundation, Inc.

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Founded in 2009, Be-Ruth Foundation is a social impact non-profit organization that seeks to empower through exposure, engage through mentoring, and educate in STEAM. Our values are centered around the six pillars of character: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship.  

We are a 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to providing world-class programs for adolescent and teen girls ages 9-17. We received our 501(c)3 status from the Federal Government in June of 2009. We are an approved charity of the Georgia’s Secretary of State.

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